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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Round 1 - Qatar

MotoGp Round 1 Qatar

So, that’s the first Moto GP race done, 17 more to go. What have we learnt?

Let’s start from the top. Stacey is dangerously fast, and he also has the ability to crack a smile. You could tell he was uncomfortable being happy with nothing really to moan about. But he didn’t let us down and had a little whinge.

Jorge made up for Yamaha's mysterious sponsor haemorrhage by splitting the Honda's. He celebrated like he'd won.

Ickle Dani looked physically and mentally battered, he definitely needed a big hug from Alberto or his mum.Dovi, well I don’t have anything amusing to say about him, because well, he’s a bit dull. The same definitely can’t be said about Marco Simoncelli. To this day I don’t know how he gets his helmet on? He did he best to upset the Repsol party but dull Dovi managed to stay ahead.

Next along was the battle between Vale and Mr Bens Pies. Elbowz took his time to get past, it’s all in the head, and if it was any other rider he wouldn’t have made such a ‘meal’ of it. Just hope Mrs Spies didn’t slap his wrists.

Next up was the joker himself The Texas Tornado. No doubt he’s still fast, but I would like to see him crash one in a while, at least if you see someone binning it you know there trying! Harsh I know. . .

Aoyama was next on the No.7, followed by our own Cal Crutchlow making his MotoGp debut. A very cool customer, just an hour before he was having his ass licked by Toby Moody in the Eurosport comms box. If that’s not motivation before the biggest race of your life, I don’t know what is. He managed to hold off Barbera the same way he did Moody, which was a great result…

Propping up the field was the winner of the last Moto 2 race from last season, Mr Abraham. Again he was going very quickly but I feel he may have to wait until Brno for his first MotoGp win.

As for the rest, well it really wasn’t Pramac’s day. Mr De Puniet got a little bit too ‘Randy’ on the first lap again and took out his team mate Loris too. Even Caprex’s elephant man gloves couldn’t prevent injury and his race was over.

The dark cloud over the four days was that of luckless Alvaro. He had a Rossi esk crash, which at other times he would have simply walked away from. Get well soon, Alvaro.

Last but no means least, little Tiger Toni was a bit tame all weekend, not really scaring anyone, apart from his sponsors. At least he treated us to a rather spectacular crash under the lights, which provided his only spark and a glimpse of his sponsors logo’s albeit, upside down!!

So we move on the Jerez. . . . Will Stacey keep smiling? Will Dani be able to keep up? Will Marco get a hair cut?

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