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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Elias in good form at Test in Czech Republic

The Spaniard, who finished in 11th position in Sunday’s 22-lap race, proceeded with the adjustment work on front end issues has has been experiencing and, despite a big crash from which he luckily escaped unhurt, Elias feels more confident ahead next GP at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on the 28th of August.

Toni Elias: 
“Apart from the bad crash, I am quite satisfied about this test session and about my lap time. We have mainly tried to fix our front end issues: some changes did not work, but with small adjustments on the front geometry I could improve my feeling on the bike to get more corner speed. After lunch I was going for another long run and I probably pushed too hard, crashing heavily in the gravel. The bike hit my right leg and I thought my foot was injured, but the x-ray has ruled that out. After that, I was a bit dazed and I preferred to remain in the garage for the rest of the session. Anyway, I think we took another step forward before the next race in Indianapolis.”

LCR Honda press release.

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