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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Almost Like Home

A new week gets under way and with a Grand Prix included. The race will be in Japan, a race that is always special but this year even more so. You could say that it has been complicated just getting there: in April the race had to be postponed after the terrible earthquake and tsunami in the north of the country, and so the race was up in the air, although in the end we will be racing there.

Fortunately the situation at the circuit is good. We are very optimistic and more than ever raring to go, especially if we think about the Japanese fans. After all they have suffered this year it will be good for them to enjoy a sports- event of this importance and help them to forget, for a short time, what they have had to live through.

As you know,  Motegi is Honda´s home. Competing in Japan is always something special and for me almost like racing at home. It is not as though we are in Spain, but almost, as the whole team picks up on the atmosphere. What is more I like the circuit a lot, although we have to keep an eye on the weather since at this time of the year it can be very changeable.

Personally I am very motivated for this race after the latest results we have achieved. We have to improve a little in practice so that we can be faster on the Sunday and so battle for the victory, but things are looking very positive. Our objective continues to take each race as it comes, but third place is very close and it would be nice to finish the season, once again, among the leaders. If I can tell you the truth, after all I have been through this year if you had told me that I could finish in the top three of the overall classification I would not have believed you. I suppose that this is something that proves that we are doing some good work and that we are consistent.

I hope that I am able to dedicate a victory to the team at this very special circuit, more so after this season which has been very hard for all of us. It would not be too much to get a victory for myself either, after all it is my birthday. And of course for all of you who are always there supporting me.

source: Dani Pedrosa Repsol Blog

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