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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aspar Team members visit a nuclear power plant

The group yesterday visited the Valencian Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant to test it and know why they pose a risk to move to Japan next week.

The members of the Aspar Team have been fully informed throughout the day, the nuclear plant operation and the current situation in Japan. All members of all Spanish riders with Valencia, Hector Barbera, Nico Terol and Adrian Martin, have moved today to the town of Cofrentes to visit the nuclear facility. The day started at ten o'clock in the information center, where after a brief breakfast, the center's director, D. Felipe Galan, along with the official spokesperson, D. Jesus Cruz, has offered a two-hour training in the visiting room of the enclosure. In his lecture, D. Felipe Galan has openly treated such topics as basic principles of nuclear activity, through the operation of a nuclear power also has been described and also explained all the facilities that make up an installation, and before the end has been exposed recently accident in Fukushima . He has also listed the reasons why now is not a health risk to move to the Land of the Rising. To close the conference was opened for questions, in which all interested members of the Aspar Team have been able to openly have any doubts.

 After the initial training, the group has been directed to the facilities of the nuclear power Cofrentes, which has made a visit guida by them. It has been seen cooling pools, fireplaces, reactors, fuel storage pools, facilities management, etc.. At one stop, all the Valencian team has risen to the roof of the building water treatment, to have an overview of the entire plant. Then you have visited the simulator of the central hall of operations, where all the people who attended have found the rigorous security protocol that governs the center. Finally, pilots have used Aspar Team to greet the facility staff, and sign some autographs, and then offered a lunch before returning to Valencia.

 Héctor Barberá: "We had no idea what was inside a nuclear power plant, and today we could see it. The most positive thing we get from this journey is that we have confirmed that there is no risk to go to Japan, and that there we can develop our day to day normally. This reassures a lot. Then, all staff of the Central has treated us wonderfully Cofrentes. Now we have much more knowledge about nuclear energy, and if one day it is the case we review matter. Of course it has absolutely nothing to do with what I personally imagined. I thought it was a very striking look, and I quite liked the experience. "

Nico Terol: "Today has been a totally new experience. For my part it was pretty quiet, if you had to go to Japan had to psych, and I doubt the organization will be made ​​if there was a real risk situation. When I came to Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant, I have made ​​a composition rather than how a center like this, and I've known the real situation in Japan, explained first hand by a specialist. We heard a lot of legends, which All they did was create us unfounded fears, fortunately today we have tested all. The day was very interesting, as a kind of general knowledge, applicable in the future, I have learned a lot. I'm very happy home. "

source: aspar

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