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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Casey Stoner will not ask for help to win

Yesterday we talked about how Yamaha has made ​​a declaration of intent for team orders to help Jorge Lorenzo. Today have to talk about Casey Stoner and Honda . We presume that in my opinion, Honda is not going to risk a fight between the pilots have and lose a world championship that Casey Stoner has shot this year too. Do not think there's intentions from the factory to lose the opportunity to return to first place after years of dominance Yamaha.

Add to this that Casey Stoner is strong enough to win the world championship for himself to reach the conclusion that probably will see a championship final marked by a constant, ranked first for Honda rider Stoner, Pedrosa second and third or Dovizioso.
Stoner Interviewing always an interesting read because it is a pilot who keeps saying things as they come to you. For me it is a great feature, I think Stoner is a pilot for a championship before as now , all business and no sport. He himself speaks of how excessive economic demand ends up harming the sport that is behind, or should be provided. He also commented many times how the traction control should pass to a third plane, or even eliminated, not to mention their lack of sympathy and Moto3 Moto2.

As the central theme of this post, team orders , his statements when asked whether to ask for help Dani Pedrosa to win the World Cup have a lot of crumbs, I restate here:

I think not. I think a pilot has to offer it if you have a good relationship. In my case I will not ask for help, I want to win for myself without the help of Dani or anyone. If there is good relationship with the pilot I would help, I've done before, doing nothing wrong but be strong to help in any way. It must be the pilot's choice and not force it.
In short, here no one has moved to offer support to Stoner on the track. That's why I think Stoner will own solo push hard, and if someone has to put things in place if necessary to win you need help, it will be Honda. 

Interesting point of view, is not it?

source: motorpasionmoto

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