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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jorge Lorenzo will run the 24 Hours of Racing

The 24 Hours of Barcelona Trophy Motorsports-Vélez Fermí back to Circuit de Catalunya in its 14th edition on 23, 24 and 25 September.

On the 4.650 km track FIA and the sense of the clock, teams that pass the checks and are classified in the 66 registered teams will take part in the race for 24 hours in length, which will begin Saturday at 12 am noon. Have been carried out during the afternoon of Friday free practice (16.25-5:10 p.m.), the qualifying practice (18.00-20.00h) and evening training sessions (21.10-11:10 p.m.).

The entry for the 24 Hours of Barcelona Automobile is free.

One of the participants was the formations Difisa Sport Racing-PCR (Seat Leon Supercopa/A3T), which will have the MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo, along with Jose Manuel de los Milagros, Alvaro Fontes and as a last minute addition, Ricky Cardus. Lorenzo won with this team and the Cup of Spain at this circuit resistance on 10th September.

Jorge Lorenzo: "I have really wanted to run the 24 Hours at Montmelo. Everyone raved about for years. Last year I was at the gates to participate, but when I confirmed last month that this time it gave me joy.

I'll run with my fellow CER Jose Manuel de los Milagros and Alvaro Fontes, and add my friend Ricky Cardús, which will debut on four wheels Difisa Racing team.

I hope our car is competitive and we can give a good image, but more importantly have fun. "

source: motocuarto

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