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Friday, September 23, 2011

MotoGP teams warned against food shipments to Japan

MotoGP teams were warned off packing their own food and water in shipping crates for next week’s Japanese MotoGP race.

Several teams had asked whether they could pack provisions for the Twin Ring Motegi race, with concerns about radiation contamination in Japan after the Fukushima nuclear plant was damaged in a severe earthquake that struck in March.

But the International Race Teams Association recently advised all teams against packing its own food because of the risk of Japanese customs impounding some freight heading to next weekend’s race on October 2.

An IRTA communication, obtained by MCN, read: “We have been asked by Dorna to inform you that you should not pack food with your freight. Discovery by the Japanese Customs could result in delays or penalties imposed by the Japanese authorities.

"We repeat that, in our opinion, transport of food is unnecessary. Government agencies have not issued any general warnings about food consumption.

"Furthermore the independent report commissioned by Dorna reported on sampling and testing of many types of food at Motegi and the surrounding area and found absolutely no problems.”

source: MCN

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