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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three styles, three champions

You see. And you think they are equal. Similar, of course. And, no, they have nothing to do. And all three will be champions, you'll see. And will be, as are all champions in their own right. Because, friends, after nine months of competition and after 17 (18 in MotoGP) always win great prizes the best. By far. And then look at it. And you see Nico Terol. Keep looking and you find Marc Márquez. And just seeing Casey Stoner.

And then you think that there are no better candidates or future champions. Because if you see them running in Motorland in Alcaniz, at 63,327 'motards', you think you are going to be street titles. And that there was a moment that the three, yes, even thought it had an uphill struggle. I do not even tell them when the good Terol shattered hand. Or when the filigranero Marquez, who started with three consecutive zeros, Stefan Bradl thought had escaped him altogether. Or when Stoner ran out of forces in Misano and Jorge Lorenzo, another such, ran over.

But, no, came to Aragon and the north wind makes little difference. Terol, who now has eight wins and is on track record, wins because it dominates the whole weekend. And when not done with the controls of the race. True, because it is Marquez, but for 'champions' must master as master Terol. That's how champions dominated Cervera. "Moreover, every time I see Marc in Moto2 run, I think, last year, I behaved like a hero because he managed to bring that champion Marquez, until the last race and force him to make the best of himself to win. I feel proud, yea, and his great role in Moto2 shows that my pulse was worth it. " So this year Terol believe rightly deserves to go down in history as the last champion of 125cc. No one better than him to close such a record, peppered with Spanish.

And you go up a step and see how the whole newsroom Motorland, word of honor, the race ended with applause Moto2 bestial, closed, with which the experts wanted to reward the extraordinary career of Marquez, who broke his face and occasional brush with the fairing, elbows, six brave tried miserable race. There were, yes, Stefan Bradl, Andrea Iannone, Simone Corsi, Alex de Angelis and Aleix Espargaro trying to make life difficult for Marquez. "We begin to know all and want me nervous," said Marquez, who knows he can not gamble with Iannone, the brash Italian came to recognize that the only way to win "or trying to beat" Marquez is "tight, nervous putting , going for him. "" But again, I will not enter the cloth, so when I saw danger, I escaped. " Little joke at Marquez, who has recovered 76 points in the last seven races and is now only six of Bradl, while still remaining to play four Grands Prix (100 points).

The Stoner is similar, but being a leader from day one. Otherwise, yes, master, but the same style of saying "here I am." And Stoner, who, as Terol, could run with the calculator and has decided, above all aware that it has one of the best bikes of the decade, running to win, to dominate. Stoner Because not only wants to snatch the crown to Lorenzo, but become the No. 1 driver of Honda, that's what came in the Italian Livio Suppo, causing some concern in the team of Dani Pedrosa and Alberto Puig.

If Terol has an income of 36 points on the 100 at stake, and Marquez has yet to recover to 6 dots Bradl, Stoner is 44 points away from Lorenzo but never mind, it will not stop running to win. Lorenzo will loosen Nor has even agreed to travel to Japan (Motegi), despite being the first pilot, the first champion, who said he would not.

credit to Emilio Perez de Rozas

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