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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Andrea Dovizioso: "go back in minibike." Sic? "He has a little attitude 'from dumb. But it is not, it does."

Riders Italian Magazine by Roberto Ungaro, offers an interesting interview with Andrea Dovizioso , Repsol Honda rider in MotoGP. A " call and response "in which the rider from Forlì Honda says what has changed between the hours of Andrew and what he won in the mini: "The wealth of that time lived in a golden world, always won. I was less disturbed by the beatings took " . Would go back? "It would be fabulous. Now. " Said and done. Here

To convince Honda to keep him and not Simoncelli: "I would say only: 12 to zero for me. The first part of the 12 league games. " But what Simoncelli envy? "His jump into situations without thinking too much." One thing is sure, life would just do the pilot: "I never asked this question. Even before I was born, my father was already convinced that I would become world champion. A thought very ambitious and perhaps selfishly. The fact is that it could happen. I grew up with this mentality. And my work has always been that. Point. Finished. "

Sic between you and those who arrive before the next season: "Check me first, as always." The rest you can read about the number of Riders Italian Magazine of October. Dovi is not about bikes only, women, passion and curiosity as in the style of the magazine.

source: MCN

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