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Monday, October 10, 2011

KTM here is the prototype for Moto3

This is a render, but it is the official image of what will be the next Moto3 KTM , presented during the ' exposure of the business plan took place a few days ago the Red Bull Hangar 7. The new 4-stroke single cylinder 250 is compact than ever, and a wraparound front fairing supports a stunted tail reminiscent of the race bikes of the years 50-60.

The frame, as is seen from behind the fairing, is a mixture of mast - at the top and middle - and at the swingarm pivot plates. The structure is very compact, but unfortunately we can not see how high the engine is positioned. The cover of the carbon reservoir is large and comes with one seat behind mandatory for its compact size.

The chassis is obviously of prime importance and all the traditional solutions and ultra-light, we find a strange-shaped front wheel. The races are very large, and occupies the entire frame in carbon in circumference. The guys Hellforleather expected a sort of "rotobox" or a brake energy recovery system (as in F1 cars), but the final version will have a traditional and ultra-light circle.

The engine will be the element that will scare the Japanese. The great experience of KTM in the small displacement 4-stroke has given way to develop a unit with radial valves and a weight of only 25kg , able to run at maximum speed of 14,000 g / min . In short, the bikes take to the track for testing the final version. Only then will we know if Honda will run for cover and develop new solutions.

source: motoblog

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